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To pack delivery items into handling units (HUs), proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Edit ® Pack in the quantities overview of the delivery.
  2. Create the handling units that you will need on the All existing HUs (available for packing) screen. You can also access handling units that were created previously ( Structure link Non-Assigned Handling Units). For more information about creating handling units, see Working with Handling Units.
  3. In the Material to be packed (or All HUs that can be packed) section of the screen, select the items that you want to pack. Also select the handling units into which the materials are to be packed in the All existing HUs section of the screen. Then, select Pack. (See also: Packing If Full, New HU per x HUs and Packing per Partial Quantity.)

The system sends you either a success message or notifies you of problems, if the weight or volume limit was reached and not all the items could be packed, for instance.


If you have selected several handling units for packing, then the selected handling unit that is highest in the list is packed first. If not all items to be packed fit in this handling unit, the packing operation is automatically continued with the following selected handling units.

If only a partial quantity of a delivery item is to be packed, you must specify this in the Partial qty field for the corresponding item in the Material to be packed (or All HUs that can be packed) section of the screen.

The weight of the packaging is not added to the total weight of the delivery.

The following illustration shows one delivery item and the partial quantity of another delivery item being packed into a handling unit.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

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