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Batch input is a standard technique for transferring large sets of data into the R/3 System. Here the transaction flow is simulated and the data is transferred as if it were entered online. The advantage of this is that all relevant checks of the transaction are executed, thereby ensuring that the data is consistent.

The batch input process is divided into two phases:

  1. The data transfer program creates a batch input session that contains all the relevant data.
  2. The batch input session is processed and the data it contains is transferred into the R/3 System.

The majority of SAP standard data transfer programs use the batch input technique. The data transfer program creates a batch input session which is processed later. Batch input sessions can be processed in various ways:

You should process batch input sessions in the foreground or using the error display if you want to test the data transfer. If you want to execute the data transfer or test its performance, you should process the sessions in the background.

You can find detailed information on batch input in the Basis documentation BC - Basis Programming Interfaces under Transferring Data with Batch Input.


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