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The report checks the plan reconciliation for a business process or a business process group.

The report documents the variances from the process output side (activities of the process): that is, between the scheduled (in demand from other objects) and the planned quantities of these activities.

It covers the corresponding relationship between the scheduled and planned data in an integrated enterprise plan. You can use the scheduled activity as a reference value for the planning when you reconcile the plan manually.

The scheduled activity is used as the plan activity when you reconcile the plan automatically.

The report answers questions like:



On the selection screen you can determine which data the system should evaluate.

You can control the report contents through the output parameter.

You can produce extracts from this report.


For more information on working with Report-Painter reports (selecting, generating extracts, setting output parameter, and more) see Execute the Report-Painter Report.


The report has the following row and column structure:

Report rows:

In the report, every business process is assigned a row and each business process group shows a sum.

Report columns:

The columns show scheduled and planned activities next to one another for each business process or business process group. Column Sched. - Plan (scheduled minus planned activity) contains the absolute variance, and column in % contains the percentage variance.



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