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The report shows the actual and target postings (for example) for the business processes of an area in a totals row for each business process. You can calculate totals at area level by using the business process group.

It answers questions such as:



On the selection screen you specify the data records that the system is to evaluate.

You can control the report output by using the output parameters.

You can produce extracts from this report.


For more information on working with Report Painter reports (selecting, generating extracts, setting output parameters, and so on) see Executing the Report-Painter Report.


The report has the following row and column structure:

Report Rows:

In the report, a report row is displayed for each business process, and a total is calculated for each node. You determine the row structure through the business process group.

The system shows the debits followed by the credits. The Over/Under Absorption row balances the debits and credits.

Report Columns:

The report shows a block of six columns for costs and quantities:


You want to know which business process groups have the largest target-actual variances. This information can point out whether a more detailed analysis is worth the effort.

To this end, enter a business process group in the selection. The system lists all subordinate process groups with their business processes. By using the sort function, you can sort the Var. (absol.) or Var. (%) column in ascending order: this provides a quick overview of which business process groups have the largest variance.

Report/Report Interface

You can call up the following reports from the Report/Report-Interface:



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