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The report compares the actual and target figures in Activity-Based Accounting. The booked activity quantities and statistical key figures are shown next to the costs.

The report shows the target-actual variances (column Var.), which, together with target-actual reports ( Process Lists Target/Actual Costs, Variance Analysis for Processes) you can analyze in detail. It answers questions like:



If you select just one business process, you can see which cost element(s) are causing the variance(s).

On the selection screen you can determine which data the system should evaluate.

The variation in this report is active.

You can control the report contents through the output parameter.

You can produce extracts from this report.


For more information on working with Report-Painter reports (selecting, generating extracts, setting output parameter, and more) see Execute the Report-Painter Report.


The report has the following row and column structure:

Report rows:

The report has three sections.

  1. Section: the system generates rows for each cost element and cost element group. Debits and credits are shown separately. The debit and credit bookings are totaled and balanced in row Over/Under absorption .
  2. Section: a list of booked statistical costs sorted per cost elements.
  3. Section: the booked statistical key figures are listed here.

Report columns:

The report shows a block of six columns for costs and quantities; the system displays a block for each, the statistical bookings and statistical key figures.

1. Section one (cost elements):

2. Section two (statistical bookings):

3. Section three (statistical key figures):


The system can show quantities only when the summed bookings in a row use the same unit of measure.


You can branch out to the following reports through the Report/Report-Interface :



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