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This report lists the actual and plan costs as well as their variances for each of the selected business processes. The processes are listed according to cost components.

The name of the Cost Elements poin ts to the source/cause of the costs (depending on how the component is maintained in the IMG).

You can see the precise assignments between cost elements and cost components through the Cost Component Structure



On the selection screen you can determine which data the system should evaluate.

You can control the report contents through the output parameter.

You can produce extracts from this report.


For more information on working with Report-Painter reports (selecting, generating extracts, setting output parameter, and more) see Execute the Report-Painter Report.


The report has the following row and column structure:

Report rows:

For every process put out, the system itemizes the relevant cost components.

Report columns:

The report shows the actual and plan costs as well as their absolute and percentage variance.


You can switch to the Period Display through the Report/Report-Interface .


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