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You can automatically generate separate delivery items with defined quantities for packaging materials. This is especially important if you:


For this automatic generation to take place, you must make the following settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG):

If the system recognizes the plant and the item category in the handling unit, it generates a delivery item for the packaging material automatically.

Process Flow

  1. Maintain the corresponding item category group for the packaging material in the material master record.
  2. The system determines an item category according to the item category determination settings. For example, the system determines item category HUPM for item category group VERP in a sales order delivery.
  3. Depending on the Customizing settings of the item category that was determined, the delivery item is relevant for picking, billing or stock and is transferred into the corresponding document (goods issue document or billing document, for example).


Processing of Returnable Packaging

The system processes returnable packaging (item category TAL ) by automatically recording a posting change (into the customer's special stock, for instance) as it posts goods issue. These items are not transferred to billing documents.

Subsequent processing of the returnable packaging occurs via sales order type Ret. Packaging Pickup (AT) and completes the process with a Returns delivery (LR) delivery type.

If the customer is to keep the packaging materials, you can bill them to the customer by using the Ret. Packaging Issue (RPI) sales order type.


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