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If you want to combine a number of items in a sales document so that they are delivered together, you can create a delivery group.
If an item has more than one schedule line with confirmed quantities (for example, after an availability check) the system copies the date of the latest schedule line for this item and displays it on the delivery group overview screen.
When forming delivery groups, the system deletes the earlier schedule lines and copies their confirmed quantities into the latest schedule line.
If a complete delivery has not been requested, as soon as all the items for the bill of material are available, the system generates a correlated schedule line. This allows you to make a partial delivery on the first date on which all the items in the bill of material become available.
In other words, the first day on which all items in the bill of material are available, the system issues a confirmed quantity.


For correlated schedule lines in bills of material (BOMs) in delivery groups, there are certain prerequisites for the delivery group.

These are as follows:




In Customizing for item categories, you can control that the system should generate correlated schedule lines for the delivery group. You can do this by selecting A in the Generate delivery group field for the item category in the bill of material main item.



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