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Reposting line items enables you to adjust posting errors of costs and revenues. You can repost specific line items from CO documents. This enables you to track the primary postings, for example, from Financial Accounting (FI) through to the account assignment object in Cost Center Accounting (for example, a cost center, an order, or a real estate object).


The CO documents contain a reference to the primary posting document.


Reposting line items corresponds to a reversal posting on the sender object. This is because the system takes the debit/credit indicator from the line item and updates it immediately for the sender and receiver account assignment objects.

You select the line items that are to be reposted on a selection screen and then process them. This makes it possible, for example, to:



If specify multiple CO objects, you must ensure that the total amount to be reposted does not exceed the overall value of the line items for the sender object.

To do this, you post the portion of the line item to a new account assignment object, and the remainder to the source object.

The changed document rows are checked by the system, and the data, provided it contains no errors, is updated in one go.

The system uses a reference document number to create a link between the document of the original line item and the adjustment document.


You repost line items in two steps:

  1. Select the line item that you want to repost (see: Selecting Line Items).
  2. Enter the repostings and execute them (see: Reposting Line Items).

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