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You use planner profiles to control the process flow for planning. They are hierarchically structured. In a planner profile, you specify the planning layout to be used for each planning area, such as cost elements/activity inputs, activity types/prices, or statistical key figure planning. You can store any number of planning layouts for each planning area in a planner profile.

The planning layouts are assigned to a planner profile as profile items. Each planning area may contain any number of profile items. The profile item determines the sequence of the planning layouts in a planner profile. Using different profile items you can assign the same planning layout (with different default parameters) to one planner profile.


You have assigned the planning area Cost elements/activity inputs to the planner profile PROFIL 1. In profile items 1 and 2 you have assigned planning layout 1-101 to this planning area.

For the planning layout in profile item 1 you set the parameters Version 0 and cost center group PRODUCTION. For the planning layout in profile item 2 you set the parameters Version 1 and cost center group ADMINISTRATION.

During planning you can choose Next/previous planning layout to switch between the planning layouts of the selected planner profile. This allows you to plan in different versions.

In a planner profile, you can set the following planning conditions.

The system includes the following standard planner profiles:


For more information on creating planner profiles, see Customizing for

Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting/Activity-Based Costing/Internal Orders ® Planning ® Manual Planning ® Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles

Real Estate ® Real Estate Controlling ® Planning ® Create User-Defined Planner Profiles

Project System ® Costs ® Plan Costs ® Manual Cost Planning in WBS ® Detailed Planning ® Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles.





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