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To execute a revaluation:

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning ® Planning aids ® Revaluate ® Costs.
  2. Enter the following selection parameters for your revaluation:
    1. Fiscal year
    2. From period, To period
    3. Version
  3. Maintain the following processing parameters:
    1. Background processing
    2. Test run
    3. Basic lists

    If you do not select Background processing, the system executes the revaluation online. If you have large amounts of data to process, you should execute the revaluation in the background. This means you can process data at times of minimal system usage.

    Detailed list and Test run are defaulted to active. This ensures that you can check the results of the test run. If Detailed list is active, the system displays a results list for the revaluation. Otherwise, the system displays a message describing whether and, if applicable, how the revaluation was closed.

    If you select Test run, the system executes the revaluation, but it does not update any results. If you deselect Test run, the system does update the results. If Test run is selected, you can only remove any errors by reversing the entire revaluation.

  4. Enter a name for your revaluation and choose Execute.
  5. You can also choose to save variants when you execute the revaluation. This enables you to save different combinations of revaluations and call them up when required.

Choose Save variant, then enter a variant name and a description.

If you want to execute the same revaluation again, you can call up the saved variant.

Choose Get variant and enter a name.

Reversing revaluations

You can reverse revaluations at any time by choosing Reverse in the revaluation initial screen. The system reverses the line items of the revaluation.

Repeating revaluations

Revaluations can be repeated as often as desired. The table below shows which combinations are supported, and which system precautions are to be taken.

Repeating revaluations


Repeat with changed
percentage rate

Repeat with new structures (cost centers/cost elements)

Repeat with old revaluation

Steps in the SAP System

Change the revaluation percentage rate
in the revaluation

Reverse the (old)
revaluation with the
reversal function. Changing structures in the revaluation

Define a new revaluation

Effects in the SAP System

The (plan) line items of the previous revaluation are reversed. The changed revaluation is executed with the initial values.

The (plan) line items of the previous revaluation are reversed. The changed revaluation is executed with the initial values.

The (plan) line items are written for each revaluation.



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