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To create revaluations:

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning ® Planning aids ® Revaluate ® Costs ® Extras ® Revaluation ® Create/Change.
  2. Enter the following data on the initial screen:
  1. Enter the cost center(s) and cost element(s) you want to revaluate. You specify individual values, intervals or a group.
  1. Note

If you have defined and stored a revaluation with a cost element group and then make a change to this group under group maintenance, then although the system displays the up-to-date cost element group when you call up the revaluation function once again, the original values remain on the database. It follows that before revaluation using the changed cost element group, you should branch to the definition of the revaluation, choose the Definition pushbutton and then choose Save again since only then does the system carry out the revaluation using the up-to-date cost element group.

  1. Specify the revaluation percentage rates for costs and/or consumption.
  1. For more information on creating revaluations, see the Cost Center Accounting Implementation Guide under Planning ® Planning Aids ® Define Revaluation.

Deleting revaluations

Revaluations can be deleted at any time. To do so, choose Planning ® Planning aids ® Revaluate ® Costs ® Extras ® Revaluation ® Delete.


Before you delete existing revaluation definitions, you should ensure that all revaluations performed with these revaluation definitions are reversed. This is because you can no longer reverse a revaluation once the definition has been deleted.







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