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The diagram below shows the criteria according to which you can structure a revaluation. It is possible to revaluate multiple areas of the controlling area according to different aspects.

Defining a Revaluation

Cost center

Cost element


All cost elements

m Cost element groups

All cost centers

1 revaluation

m revaluations

n sub-hierarchies

n revaluations

n x m revaluations


If you want to revaluate the entire controlling area based on the same criteria, you require only one revaluation. The following section contains an example of a revaluation:


The total primary costs are to be increased by 10% for the shop floor area, and by 5% for the logistics area. You define a separate revaluation for each area.

Use selection criteria to specify the cost center(s) and cost element(s) you want to revalue. Then set the percentage rates. You can choose between:




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