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You can revaluate existing versions using various criteria: You can revaluate primary costs that can be planned manually (activity-independent and dependent) and revenues as a percentage consumption also. This allows you to revaluate complete plans or parts of them.


The revaluation amount (determined from the revaluation percentage) is added to or subtracted from the existing amount. The system documents the revaluation using line items. You can execute a revaluation for the entire fiscal year, as well as for individual periods.


All currency fields are involved in the revaluation (provided they were filled during planning).

Revaluation Organization

To revaluate a cost center plan, proceed as follows.

Specify the rules with which the relevant cost centers and cost elements of the controlling area are to be revaluated. Each rule is stored as a revaluation. You can define multiple revaluations in one controlling area.

The revaluation is executed, reversed or repeated.

For more information, see Structuring Revaluations and Creating Revaluations.

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