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To access the initial screen for planning, you need to select a planner profile ( see also: Planer Profiles), or ensure that a planner profile is entered in the PPP user parameters. You can also overwrite this planner profile before you enter planning and save it in your user parameters.


  1. Set a planner profile in the planning menu for your component. Choose:
  2. Planning ® Set planner profile

  3. Enter a planner profile.
  4. Choose Save user master record.

In the subsequent planning sessions, the SAP system selects the last planner profile saved in the user master record.

Initial screen

  1. Enter the characteristics of the characteristic groups for which you want to execute planning, for example, cost center, cost element, activity type or the given group.
  2. Activate Free or Form-based.

If you select Free, the SAP system lists in the overview screen the planned records to be changed. The SAP system displays the header characteristics completely, even if no planning values exist. You can also enter new characteristic values and add them to the rows.

If you select Form-based, the SAP system lists in the overview screen all planning objects with valid master records selected in the initial screen, even if no planning values exist. The SAP system displays the same characteristic value structure in each planning session. You cannot enter any new characteristic values. The following section contains an example of the free and form-based selection:



To check the entry data, the system provides you with error analysis help under Extras (see also: Manual Planning Aids).

  1. Choose Execute.

Overview screen

In the overview screen, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter planning values for the characteristic combinations you have selected.
  2. To do this, use the planning aids provided by the SAP system (see: Planning Functions)
  3. Save your entries.

Period screens

To branch to the period screen, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Planning: Overview Screen, position your cursor on an entry and choose Period screen.
  2. Adopt the default values offered by the SAP system or enter your own period values.

You can also use a distribution key in the overview screen other than that offered by the SAP system. This enables you to carry out a different distribution of the planning values across the periods.


You can now view your planning values in the information system and compare them with plan or actual values from other areas or periods (see Structure link Important Standard Reports in Cost Center Accounting).


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