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Planning in More Than One Version

You can plan your cost centers in more than one version. This corresponds to the planning procedure used in industry, whereby an initial version is created by using existing plan or actual values (such as values from the previous or current fiscal year). These are mainly percentage-based revaluations ( See also Revaluating Cost Center Planning) and the plan values are adjusted to the new targets. These plan values are then revised and reworked in a second version, following discussions with the cost center managers. You can use these version as the basis for new revaluations to generate any number of new versions, for example, to calculate best-case and worst-case scenarios.

These versions are stored separately in the system and can be compared with each other in the information system (plan/plan comparisons, or comparisons of the actual costs with different versions).

When you create a controlling area, the system automatically creates version 000 (plan/actual). The actual values created when entering primary costs and allocating costs internally are posted in this version. You also use this version to store the prices required for internal activity allocation in the actual. You must use version 000 for plan/actual comparisons. You can also edit version 000 during cost center planning, without having to create it previously. Version 000 therefore contains plan and actual data for analysis purposes. You can also use any number of additional plan versions. However, no actual data is saved in these alternative versions. For more information on versions, see the IMG under Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning ® Basic Settings ® Define Versions.

Multiple Valuation Approaches in More than One Version

If you have activated multiple valuation approaches in your controlling area, you can use more than one actual version. Each actual version can have the following valuations:

One of the valuations becomes the operational valuation (in the actual version 000).

You can only plan data using the operational valuation.

For more information see Structure link Multiple Valuation Approaches/Transfer Prices.



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