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You can use various planning techniques to perform manual cost center planning.. The techniques you use depend on your organizationís requirements. They may vary between organizations. This section deals with the following questions:

In the SAP R/3 System you can create as many versions as you require.

See also: Planning and Parallel Valuation in Multiple Versions.

If seasonal fluctuations are expected, you must be able to plan these using flexible distribution keys.

The answer to this question determines which planning view you select. The planning view determines the selection of objects and combinations of objects to be planned during cost center planning. For example, you can specify whether you want to plan a cost element on a cost center, or a cost element group on a cost center, or a cost element group on a cost center group.

See also: Flexible Selection of Planning Views

You can select the currencies to be use in the planning process.

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Currencies in Planning

The planning screens (planning layouts) must meet your planning requirements. If the standard planning layouts in the system do not meet your specific requirements, you can create your own planning layouts. This allows you to define your own entry screens.

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