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You can transfer key figures that exist in the Logistics Information System (LIS) to cost accounting, where they are referred to as statistical key figures. The transfer can be executed as follows:


Before you transfer statistical key figures from LIS, you must establish a connection between LIS and the key figures and cost centers in the controlling area. You do this by assigning one or more statistical key figures to the cost center by specifying, among other things, the version and fiscal year.

To do so, choose Assignment -> Maintain or the following activities in Cost Center Accounting Customizing under Planning -> Plan Data Transfer -> Statistical Key Figure Transfer from LIS:

Define Statistical Key Figure Link with LIS).

Define Cost Center - Key Figure Assignment

Define Cost Center/Activity Type - Key Figure Assignment


Execute the data transfer as follows:

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning aids ® Transfers ® Activity-independent statistical key figures, LIS or Activity-dependent statistical key figures, LIS
  2. Specify the objects for which you want to transfer statistical key figures from LIS:
    1. A single cost center
    2. A range of cost centers
    3. A cost center group
    4. A user-defined selection variant
    5. All cost centers
  1. Enter the version, period and fiscal year.
  2. Specify whether the system should overwrite existing key figures or not change them. To do so, activate either Reset, Overwrite, or, Do not change.
  3. Maintain the processing option parameters:
    1. If you want to transfer large data sets, you should set up a background job to be run when the system is not heavily in use. Select Background processing.
    2. If you do not want the system to update the results, select Test run.
    3. You should also select Detail lists along with Test run, so you can check the results of the test run.


For performance reasons, you should only activate the detail list when absolutely necessary. In either case, the system outputs a results list.

  1. Enter a LIS template.
    1. Enter the fiscal year.
    2. Enter a template version from which the key figures in LIS are found.

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