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Scheduled activity is transferred in two steps:

Before starting the data transfer, you must define the transfer control data.

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning ® Planning aids ® Transfers ® Scheduled activity PP ® Transfer control.
  2. Specify the target for the data you want to transfer.
  3. To transfer data, specify the following for each controlling area.

    1. Version
    2. Period from / Period to.
    3. Fiscal year
  4. Specify the source of the data you want to transfer.
  5. Make the following entries in the detailed screen.

    1. Indicate whether the data should be transferred from preliminary planning, requirements planning, or long-term planning.
    2. Enter a version for rough planning or a plan scenario for long-term planning.
    3. Enter a termination type.

    The termination type specifies which end results are to be read for the data transfer.

  6. Save your entries.


To transfer the data, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the Plant, Version, From period, To period, and Fiscal year.
  2. To transfer large amounts of data, Choose Background processing. This allows you to carry out processing at times of low system usage.
  3. Select a detail level for the output. You have the following options:
    1. Cost Center/Activity Type
    2. The system outputs a detailed list, sorted by cost center/activity type.

    3. Material/plant
    4. The system outputs a detailed list, sorted by material/plant.

    5. Plan-/SOP-order

    The system outputs a detailed list, sorted by plan-/SOP order.

  4. Choose Execute.


If you repeatedly transfer activity requirements, the system deletes the existing activity requirements in the corresponding version and fiscal year for the plants that you want to transfer to.

Therefore, it is never possible to transfer activity quantities from SOP, requirements planning or long-term planning additively, but only as an alternative to Cost Center Accounting.

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