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You can transfer depreciation, interest and investments in Asset Accounting, and in Cost Center Accounting.


Execute the data transfer as follows:

  1. Choose:
    1. In Asset Accounting Periodic processing ® Primary cost planning or
    2. In Cost Center Accounting Planning ® Planning aids ® Transfers ® Depreciation/interest FI-AA
  2. To transfer primary costs (depreciation and interest) from one or more fixed assets, use the following selection criteria.
    1. Company Code
    2. You can transfer data from one or multiple company codes. The company code used in the FI-AA application component is set as a default.

    3. Asset numbers
    4. You can transfer the depreciation and interest of one or multiple fixed assets. The SAP R/3 System calculates depreciation and interest for acquisition postings to the fixed asset(s) entered here.

    5. Valuation areas
    6. The Costing depreciation area (straight-line depreciation over a remaining life of ten years), is defaulted and can be transferred.

    7. Periods
    8. You can limit planning to a given period interval of the fiscal year. If you do not enter a period interval, planning is performed for all periods.

    9. Activity-independent/Activity-dependent
    10. You can transfer activity-dependent values and activity-independent values to primary cost planning in Cost Center Accounting. There are three available options:

      · Activity-independent planning (activity types defined in the asset master record are ignored)

      · Activity-dependent planning (asset master records without activity types are ignored)

      · Activity-dependent and activity-independent planning (costs from assets with an activity type are activity-dependent, costs from assets without an activity type are activity-independent).

    11. Version/Planner profile/Planning layout/Distribution key
    12. As in manual planning, you must enter a version defined in Cost Center Accounting, and specify a planning layout. Enter the version into which you want to transfer the data to Cost Center Accounting.

      You can specify a distribution key that you have previously defined in Cost Center Accounting. The SAP R/3 System uses this distribution key to determine the values for the time period you have defined. If you do not specify a distribution key, the system determines a value for each of the periods.

    13. Transfer plan values

You must select this indicator to transfer plan values to Cost Center Accounting.

If the indicator is not selected, the SAP R/3 System executes only a test run, in which the data is read. The data is not transferred to Cost Center Accounting.


If values have been determined for Asset Accounting and transferred to Cost Center Accounting, the SAP R/3 System overwrites any existing planning data. The new values are not added to the old values. If an error occurs during data transfer, the system issues an error log.

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