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During integrated planning between Cost Center Accounting (CO-OM-CCA) and Personnel Planning (PD), you can transfer planned personnel costs to primary cost planning in Cost Center Accounting. The following topics cover which conditions must be met in both application components and how the data is transferred.


You created valid personnel records and plan personnel costs in PD before transferring the data to CO-OM-CCA. For more information on maintaining HR master records, see the SAP Library under HR Human Resources ® PA - Personnel Management ® PA - Personnel Administration ® Procedures in Personnel Administration ® Structure link Processing Human Resource Data or Personnel Cost Planning ® Compensation Management PA-CM ® PA Human Resources Cost Planning.

You can plan personnel costs for target wages, payroll results, or basic pay, and transfer these costs to Cost Center Accounting. Note the following:

  1. Selection of a valid cost center as account assignment object
  2. You must specify a cost center to which the personnel costs are posted in the Organizational Assignment screen of the personnel master record. This cost center must already exist in Cost Center Accounting and must meet the following requirements.

    The cost center must be valid throughout the entire planning period in HR cost planning.

    You must not have entered any planning locks.

    The cost center currency must be the same as the currency used in planning personnel costs.

    (See: Structure link Cost Centers)

    Other fields in which you must enter data include the:

    Validity period of the personnel master record

    Company code


  3. Selecting a valid cost element
  4. In Personnel Cost Planning you define a primary cost element with which you post personnel costs to Cost Center Accounting.

    You must have already created this cost element in Cost Center Accounting (see: Structure link Cost Elements).

  5. Currencies
  6. The data transferred from the Personnel Cost Planning application component is always recorded in transaction currency.

    If the All currencies indicator is active for the controlling area, the value in transaction currency is also translated to object and controlling area currency and transferred to the transaction currency field.

    If you have not selected this indicator, the system transfers only the value in controlling area currency into the corresponding field during primary cost planning. The other currency fields are not filled.


    If the currencies used in HR and CO-OM-CCA differ, check that the exchange rates for the currencies are maintained.

  7. Planning period
  8. The planning period in the HR system must be the same as the planning period in CO-OM-CCA to which you are transferring the personnel costs.

  9. Saving and Releasing Plan Data
  10. After entering the plan data in the Personnel Cost Planning application component, you must save and release your planning. You must specify a name for the HR plan scenario containing the data. The data is transferred with the plan scenario to CO-OM-CCA.

  11. HR plan scenario/version

An HR plan scenario is assigned to one specific version. You can only transfer values from one HR plan scenario to a version. If you want to transfer data from another HR plan scenario, you must first reverse the data already transferred. To do this, choose Reverse transferred data in the data transfer program.

For more information, see Transferring Personnel Costs from HR (as of Release 4.6A)








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