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To execute plan reconciliation, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost center Accounting or Activity-Based Costing ® Planning ® Planning aids ® Plan reconciliation.
  2. Choose either
  1. On the initial screen, enter the following:
  1. Choose Test run, Background processing, and Detailed list to control the type of processing as well as the formatting of the results. Select one or several options and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or Plan reconciliation ® Execute.


Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Settings. You can then limit the number of iterations and the scope of the plan reconciliation.

Detailed List

The plan reconciliation list in the defaulted display variant identifies all plan activity quantities for cost centers for each activity type or business process.

The planned activity quantities are compared with the reconciled plan activity. These were calculated during plan reconciliation from the planned activity inputs of the receiver objects.

A further column displays the calculated difference between the planned activity quantities and the reconciled plan activity.

When plan reconciliation is posted, the variable portion of the activity quantity is adjusted to the planned activity quantity of the receiver objects and is updated as a variable plan activity quantity.

You can structure the list screen for plan reconciliation using the following functions:

You can find additional information on dialog box use under Functions of the ABAP List Viewer.

Enter the field name that is to act as the delimiting criterion. Save an amount for this field.


In the new condition, select the field "Total plan activity".

Enter 500 in the Amount field.

The SAP System displays only those entries in the results list where plan activity exceeds 500 units.

Period values

After call up, the sum of all period values is displayed in the plan reconciliation list screen. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or Goto ® Period values to display the individual period values for the plan reconciliation. You can then choose Previous period or Next period to scroll through the individual periods. The same functions area available as those found in totals display across periods.

Activity analysis

In the period display, you can call up the activity analysis for any displayed object. To do so, position the cursor on the row and choose Goto ® Activity analysis or This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Activ.Analysis. From the selected activity type of a cost center of business process, you can follow the activity flow. Select the symbols in the "Activity network" column to summarize the activity relationships or to expand them again. The system displays closed relationships in the activity network using lines in the Activity network column. Members of closed relationships are marked in red.

You can obtain additional information in the activity analysis display by choosing Goto ® Activity analysis help.

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