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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Administrative cost center 920 plans the output of 200 administrative hours. Administrative cost center 921 plans the input of 240 administrative hours from cost center 920 and the output of 400 administrative hours. Motor pool cost center 110 plans input of 400 hours from cost center 921 and activity production of 5000 kilometers. Garage cost center 122 plans the input of 100 hours from cost center 921 and output of 200 repair hours.

In the plan reconciliation list, cost center 921 and cost center 900 display a difference of 100 administrative hours between plan activity and plan activity input of the receiver cost centers.

After posting plan reconciliation, the plan activity quantity of cost center 921 is raised 25% from 400 to 500 hours. Plan activity input for cost center 921 is also raised 25% to 300 hours. The plan activity quantity for cost center 920 is adjusted to the plan activity input of cost center 921 and raised to 300 hours.

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