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You can set Integrated planning either:

a) To do this, call up the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Controlling, under Overhead Cost Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning ® Basic Settings ® Maintain Versions or Controlling ® Activity-Based Costing ® Planning ® Maintain Versions

b) Select Integrated planning under Settings for fiscal year.


You can select or deselect Integrated planning in version maintenance only if no plan data exists in the R/3 System.

If plan data exists, you can select Integrated planning in the Cost Center Accounting initial screen as follows:

Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost centers ® Planning ® Planning aids ® Activate integration.

This function ensures that.


You can only deactivate Integrated planning if no plan data exists.


To avoid system performance problems, select Background processing.

If the integrated planning run is terminated by the R/3 System, you can continue the integration in a second run. Note, however, that the corresponding plan version remains locked until integration has been completed.

Select Test run if you do not want to update the results immediately.






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