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To copy actual values to a new plan, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning ® Planning aids ® Actual to plan.
  2. Select the target to be copied to. To do so, choose one of the following options:

You can also define a selection variant in which you specify selection criteria that meet your particular requirements.

To do so, choose Selection variant and the Create icon.

  1. Choose a template.
  2. Enter a From period, To period, and a Fiscal year.

  3. Choose a target.
  4. Enter a Version, From period, To period, and a Fiscal year.

    You can copy:

    Copying data within fiscal years and periods

    Copying data between different fiscal years and periods

    When copying, either all of the template selection criteria can differ from the target selection criteria or at least one of the selection criterion.


    You can copy the following data:

    Actual reference

    From period To period Year

    Target plan

    Version from period To period Year

    1 6 1997

    1 1 6 1997

    1 6 1996

    1 7 12 1997

    1 12 1996

    1 1 12 1997


  5. Select the actual data to be copied.

This data may be data belonging to:

You can either copy plan values for all planning transactions or just for individual business transactions, such as primary costs, revenues, activity quantities.

Structures with or without data

You can either copy the structures only (planning records without planning values) or you can copy both the structures and the corresponding planning values.

  1. Maintain the following processing options:

Do not change

If you do not want the system to change the data in the target, activate the Do not change indicator.

If you want to copy data for a certain object that already has data in the target version, the system does not copy the actual data if the indicator Do not change is active.

Reset and overwrite


When you set this indicator, the SAP system deletes any existing data in the target version. You therefore should check to make sure that you want to overwrite the existing data.


If you want to copy large volumes of data, you should schedule a background job for a time when system workload is low and activate the Background processing indicator.

Test run

If you do not want the system to update the results, select Test run. The system then generates a log, but does not change any data.

Detail list

The system creates a list containing all the data records copied and the actual business transactions that you selected for copying.



If you activated the Reset and overwrite indicator, and have already carried out a plan cost split in the target version, the system does not overwrite the data that was split. You need to carry out the split again after copying the data.


To speed up copying and avoid unnecessary system use, note the following:



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