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The sequence described here represents an ideal planning situation. You can change this sequence at any time.

Activity type planning, for example, may be unnecessary if either there is no direct internal activity allocation using activity types or your planning is activity-independent only.

You can switch the sequence of plan accrual calculation and plan distribution.

If you change the (planned) primary costs after executing plan assessment, you may have to repeat plan accrual calculation, plan distribution, and plan assessment.

Price calculation should always be the final task in your planning process. If you run price calculation before all planning transactions have been executed, the prices will be incomplete. You must repeat price calculation if you make any subsequent changes to your planning.


Price calculation and assessment are iterative processes. This means that a cost center can be debited with costs after assessment if there are cyclical activity relationships between cost centers. If price calculation is already completed, the costs from assessment may not be taken into account. To ensure that price calculation covers all costs, you should repeat the assessment and price calculation manually until all cost centers have been fully credited.



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