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To execute budget planning, proceed as follows:

1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost centers ® Planning ® Cost element/activity input ® Change.

2. Enter a budget profile.

The budget profile parameters specification of:

The budgeting time period, in the past, or in the future

The starting year in which budget planning is to begin

The scaling and decimal places for the display of values in budget planning

Period planning or fiscal year planning

Default values for the distribution key.

3. Choose Overview screen to access the overview screen of the annual values. You can then change the budget of your cost center.

If you choose Y, the system displays the top node of the group with the sum of all the planned budgets of the lower-level cost centers.

The R/3 System distributes the plan annual value to the individual periods according to the distribution key defined in the budget profile. You can change this distribution key in the period screen if required.


You can only select true distribution keys. True distribution keys break down an annual value into monthly values, so that the sum of the monthly values equals the original annual value.






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