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To plan secondary order costs on cost centers, proceed as follows:

  1. In master data maintenance, create a cost element for the internal settlement of order costs (that is, settlement to a cost center).
  2. Enter these settlement cost elements in the selection criteria for the Cost element characteristic.

This ensures that you can plan the settlement cost elements.

  1. Select a standard planner profile, for example, SAPALL

To set a standard planner profile, choose:

  1. In your application, choose Planning ® Cost and activity inputs ® Change

For more information about planning and changing planning screens, see Executing Manual Planning and Techniques for Supporting Manual Planning



The system:

If activity input from a cost center has been planned for an order, the system updates the scheduled activity and the resulting credit


If you have planned activity input from cost centers for plan-integrated orders, you may not plan any secondary order costs on the receiver cost centers using secondary order cost planning. Otherwise, this would result in credits on sender cost centers being posted twice.



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