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In activity-independent activity input planning you plan the quantity of activity input to a receiver cost center independent of an activity type on this receiver center.


The plan activity quantity consumed by a receiver cost center is multiplied by the sum of the fixed and variable prices of the sender cost center and the sender activity type. The R/3 System posts the resulting value as fixed costs under a secondary cost element for internal activity allocation.

The SAP R/3 System

If you did not set manual prices for all cost centers, and you are carrying out an iterative price calculation, the SAP R/3 System values the activity relationships between your cost centers during price calculation using the iteratively calculated prices.


The plan activity input can be compared with the actual activity quantities on the receiver cost centers, which you posted during internal activity allocation.

By valuating the planned activity input quantity with the plan price of the activity type, manually or iteratively, the R/3 System calculates the planned secondary costs on the receiver cost centers. These plan secondary costs can be compared with the actual secondary costs already posted (actual activity quantity multiplied by plan activity price). You can then determine any variances (see: Structure link Variance Calculation).

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