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During the individual processing of statistical key figures you can use an interface to the Logistics Information System (LIS). This enables you to link the key figures in Controlling with the key figures in the LIS. This link lets you create the prerequisites for a later transfer of key figures from the LIS to the key figures defined in Controlling and with the key figures connected with the LIS.


The following graphic depicts the functions for the link to the LIS:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Creating an LIS Link

If you want to transfer key figures, choose Link to LIS in the basic screen for statistical key figures. The system automatically creates the link to the LIS.

The system offers you two methods with which you can search for key figures in the LIS.

Info structures are the database tables in which period-based data of the operative application is updated. They are comprised of characteristics suitable for summarization (such as, Purchasing Organizations), and key figures (for example, Sales).

Info sets are collections of key figures that have a logical relationship to each other. They contain either key figures or sets. This allows you to generate different levels of detail.

Differences Between the Two Search Strategies


Search by info structure

Search by info set


Key figures from LIS standard analyses

Key figures from:

- LIS standard analyses

- Reports

- Transactions

- Tables

Level of detail

Three levels:

1. Application

2. Info structure

3. Key figure

Any number of levels:

Info set

Additional info sets

Key figure


To search effectively using the info structure, you need to know about the technical relationships of the database tables. When you search by info set, it is helpful if you know about the logical relationships.

The following examples demonstrate the search procedure for LIS key figures:


Search by info structure

When you created the statistical key figure Incoming orders in Controlling, you activated the link to the LIS. In the dialog box, you choose Search by info structures. The system displays a list of applications:

Select Sales and Distribution. Another list appears with the info structures for the selected application. Select S001 for Customer. Another list appears with the key figures for the Customer info structure. Select the key figure Incoming orders qty (AEMENGE).

When you transfer this key figure, the system uses the LIS value for the key figure Incoming orders in CO.


Search by info set

Select the following info sets, successively, from the lists offered to you by the system:

    1. Info set: Logistics info sets
    2. Info set: Sales and Distribution
    3. Info set: Customer
    4. Info set: Incoming sales order (customer view)
    5. Key figure: Incoming orders in base unit from customer analysis


You cannot transfer any currency key figures.

If you have selected a key figure from the LIS using one of the above methods, the system displays the information for the LIS statistical key figure in the initial screen for key figure maintenance.

Additional Functions

If you want to display the assignments of a CO statistical key figure to LIS key figures, choose Edit ® Display assignments.

If you want to display all uses of the CO key figure, including manually set figures, choose Edit ® Display all references.

Breaking the Link to LIS

If you want to break the link to LIS, choose Separate from LIS in the basic screen for statistical key figures.




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