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You can create, change and display statistical key figures individually or collectively. Individual processing lets you process only one statistical key figure. Collective processing lets you process multiple statistical key figures simultaneously.

You can use the following functions in individual processing: The functions for collective processing are in: Processing Statistical Key Figures Using Collective Processing.

Creating Statistical Key Figures

You enter statistical key figures with individual processing in a similar way to master data maintenance for cost centers, cost elements, activity types and business processes.

Individual processing has the following advantages compared to collective processing:

Changing Statistical Key Figures

When you make changes to statistical key figures, be careful to avoid generating any inconsistencies.

For example, do not change the key figure category and the statistical key figure unit during the fiscal year. Otherwise you cannot reliably compare values with earlier periods. It is best to change the key figure categories or create new statistical key figures at the end of the fiscal year.


The key figure category affects changes made to statistical key figures in the following ways:


To process statistical key figures individually, access the Cost Center Accounting menu, the Activity-Based Costing menu, or the Profit Center Accounting menu and choose:

Master data -> Statistical key figures ® Individual processing ® Create/Change/Display.



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