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You can use them as the basis for internal allocations, such as Distribution and Assessment.


You assess the costs for the cafeteria to the individual cost centers, based on the number of employees in each cost center. To do this, you need to enter the number of employees in each cost center as a statistical key figure.


You can define statistical key figures as either:

Key figures defined as fixed values are valid as of the posting period, and in all subsequent posting periods of the fiscal year.


The statistical key figure Employees is defined as a fixed value. In period 1 of the fiscal year, you post 10 Employees on cost center 4100. The system then automatically posts 10 employees in periods 2 through 12.

In period 6, the number of employees is increased to 15. This means that in period 6, you post 15 Employees on the cost center. The system automatically posts 15 employees in periods 6 through 12.

Key figures defined as Totals values are valid only in the posting period in which they are entered.


You define the statistical key figure Telephone units as a totals value. In period 1 of the fiscal year, you post 1000 Telephone units on cost center 4100. The system posts 1000 telephone units in period 01 only.


As well as entering statistical key figures manually, you can also transfer them automatically from the information systems of other SAP System application components. To do this, statistical key figure maintenance includes an interface that enables you to link the statistical key figures in Controlling with those in the Logistics Information System (LIS). You transfer plan and actual key figures from the LIS separately.





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