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During planning, the SAP R/3 System interprets the values you enter as overall values. Planning transactions use distribution keys, based on different criteria, to distribute the values to the individual plan periods. You can enter the distribution key in manual planning.


The SAP R/3 System uses your planning data during runtime, regardless of whether you have already saved a distribution key or not. The entered plan value is distributed according to each distribution key to the periods. The system saves the period values that are determined in this way.

The standard system includes predefined fixed distribution keys which cannot be changed (see: Standard Distribution Keys).

In addition, you can create any distribution keys you require, for example, to allow for seasonal fluctuations, or to create shift schedules (see: User-Defined Distribution Keys)


Any changes made to the definition of a distribution key do not have an effect on the data that you planned previously using this distribution key.

For more information on creating your own distribution keys, see the Implementation Guide for Cost Center Accounting, under Planning ® Manual Planning ® Define Own Distribution Keys



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