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  1. Carry out scheduling in the routing for the material. To do this, access the operation overview by entering the exact material on the initial screen and not by entering the group alone. Switch to the operation overview and choose Extras ® Scheduling ® Schedule.
  2. The Scheduling dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the lot size and choose Continue.
  4. The Enter Overview Variant dialog box appears.

  5. Enter a overview variant and choose Continue.
  6. The Scheduling Overview for the routing appears.

  7. Choose Extras ® Scheduling ® Results.
  8. The Scheduling Results dialog box appears. Here the newly scheduled lead times are listed together with the lead times specified in the material master record. In addition, the lot size from scheduling is shown across from the base quantity in the material master record.

  9. Choose Update mat. master.


You can carry out scheduling several times in a routing (for example, with various lot sizes). The results from each scheduling run are stored in a temporary file.


If you do not see the function key Update mat. master on the dialog box, you did not enter the material on the initial screen for routing maintenance. In this case, repeat steps 1 through 4.


The system saves the scheduling results together with the calculated assembly scrap in the temporary file. You can update the relevant material master record now or later.


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