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Handling unit (HU) proposals are preliminary handling units that form the basis for creation of actual handling units, and serve as information for packing personnel. You create HU proposals in the packing transaction, either manually by entering all the required data, or automatically, based on a packing instruction. You can change a proposal as many times as required and check it before you create the handling unit. When you save the HU proposal, the appropriate amount of handling units are created.

When you create an HU proposal from a packing instruction, the system checks the packing status check profile and assigns a packing status to the proposal accordingly. This packing status is later inherited by the handling unit. However, if an HU proposal has the status "Packing instruction violated", you cannot convert it into a handling unit.


The HU proposal has the same structure as the Structure link handling unit, except that it can also contain texts or documents. For more information, see Texts in the Packing Instruction.


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