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Before creating an actual handling unit by saving your HU proposal, you can modify it to suit your requirements.


You have created an HU proposal, either automatically or manually.


You have the following options for modifying an existing HU proposal:

You can delete all HU proposals by choosing Delete all HU proposals. All the materials are then unpacked again.

Alternatively, you can delete a specific HU proposal (or subordinate HU proposal) by selecting it and choosing Delete selected HU proposal.

Select a load carrier and choose Unpack HU proposal. The selected HUs are unpacked from the main HU. You can only unpack complete HUs, no individual materials.

You may wish to do this if you modify the entries for weight and volume, and then want to undo the modifications. The system uses the data from the packing instruction or from the material master to recalculate the weights and volumes. To carry out recalculation, choose Recalculate weights or Recalculate volumes.

You can move HU proposals up or down levels in the HU hierarchy by selecting a load carrier and choosing Level up or Level down. The corresponding HUs are then moved up or down a hierarchy level.

You can also:

NoteYou cannot change the quantity of the load carrier. Each HU must have one load carrier only.

Changing the quantity of a material/auxiliary packaging material has the following effects:

- if you reduce the quantity, the system displays the difference between the quantity to be packed and the packed quantity as unpacked material.

- if you increase the quantity, the system checks the packed quantity against the quantity to be packed, and tells you what quantity can actually be packed.

- if the HU proposals were made according to a packing instruction, quantity modifications affect the packing status (according to the settings made for the check profile in Customizing).

These modifications affect the packing status (according to the check profile settings).

These values are then copied to the handling units when you save.


  1. To select an HU proposal, place your cursor in an HU proposal row and choose Select HU proposals.
  2. The system selects this HU proposal and all corresponding subordinate HU proposals.
  3. NoteIf you place the cursor in the row for a sub-HU, the system only selects this sub-HU (and any corresponding sub-HUs).

  4. You can now delete the selected HU proposal if required.
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