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You can use packing instructions to create HU proposals for the quantity to be packed. The system uses a determination record to determine a packing instruction (see Packing Instruction Determination).



The materials to be packed are displayed in the packing transaction for packing with packing instructions.

  1. Choose Expand packing instruction.
  2. The system starts packing instruction determination.
    NoteYou can also start packing instruction determination manually, by choosing Packing instr. selectn. The system displays the possible packing instructions.
  3. Select a packing instruction, and choose Continue.
  4. The system carries out the following activities on determining a packing instruction:

    The system explodes the quantity to be packed according to the packing instructions. The resulting HUs are then displayed in hierarchical form. For more information, see
    Hierarchical Display in the Packing Transaction.
  5. The system displays both the packed and the unpacked quantity. Some materials may not have been packed if, for example, the packing status for the packing instruction does not allow all the materials to be packed, since the packing instruction would then be violated.
    CautionAs a rule, the system only creates HU proposals with packing status "Packing instruction respected" or "Tolerated variance from packing instruction". By choosing Packing instruction selection, you can set the desired status, thus defining, for example, that HU proposals should be created even if they have packing status "Packing instruction violated".
  6. The system calculates the quantity of items per main HU proposal (Quantity/HU) and the total quantity per (possibly nested) HU proposal (Total quantity).
  7. The system displays the packing instruction that it determined and used to create the HU proposal.
  8. The system assigns a packing status, according to the packing status check profile specified in the packing instruction. If the HU proposal does not comply with the packing instruction, you can display the reason for this by clicking on the traffic light.
  9. The system simultaneously recalculates the weights and volumes (unless you have set the "Manual maintenance" indicator in the packing instruction).
  10. Make any changes necessary to your HU proposal. See also Changing the HU Proposal.


You can now save your HU proposal, thus creating an HU. If an HU proposal is faulty (red light), no handling units can be created from it.


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