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The packing transaction reproduces nested HU proposals in the form of a hierarchy.

The Lvl 1 field in the table specifies the number of HUs on the highest packing level that are being created from the HU proposal. The system marks with an asterisk the items that are assigned to this HU proposal, that is, are either used on the highest packing level (packaging materials) or are packed on the highest level (packed goods or sub-HU).

If the item is a load carrier, the field Lvl 2 specifies the number of subordinate HUs on the second packing level, per main HU. For all other item categories, the system uses an asterisk to show which items are packed in or on the load carrier of this subordinate HU.

All further packing levels are displayed in the same way.


Level 1

Level 2







Intermediate layer



Pallet cover









Finished product

This example of a nested handling unit shows an HU with load carrier "Euro-pallet" on the highest packing level. The intermediate layer, the pallet cover and the ten boxes are directly assigned to this HU.

Ten sub-HUs (the boxes) are shown on the second packing level, to which in turn lids and finished products are assigned.



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