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The release code (denoting a release point) is a two-character ID allowing a person to process a requisition item. The release codes are defined in the Customizing facility of Purchasing and assigned to the release strategy. Who may work with which release codes is basically controlled via a system of authorizations (authorization object M_EINK_FRG).

The assignment of a release codes to processors (processing staff members) can additionally be defined as follows:

In this case, the relevant department stipulates which users will be working with which release codes..

With organizational release codes, a purchase requisition item can be released or the release cancelled.

In this case, there must be a linkage with SAP Business Workflow. You must define the release codes for which Workflow is to automatically determine the responsible processor. These release codes are designated as workflow-relevant. A processor ID is assigned to the workflow-relevant release codes. The processor assignment can be carried out directly or indirectly:

The processor is a user name.

The processor ID is a job or a position, for example. At the runtime, the system then determines the responsible processing staff member.


Jobs are general work areas within an enterprise that are described by tasks (e.g. Executive Board).

Positions are to be understood as planned employees and can, for example, be held by a user. E.g. position of Sales Manager (held by user SEAGOON).

With workflow-relevant release codes, refusal is possible in addition to release and cancellation of release.

An individual release strategy can comprise both organizational and workflow-relevant release codes.


The organizational release codes T1 and T2 (Technical Services) and the workflow-relevant release codes KY (Sales Manager) and EX (Executive Board) have been defined.




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