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You can start the InfoSet query from role menus, from the Standard Easy Access Menu, or from the component SAP Query ® Queries.

Procedure: Start from Role Menu/Standard Easy Access Menu



Start the InfoSet Query from the Easy Access menu with a double-click.



The calling up of an InfoSet query was implemented in Human Resources (HR), so that the parameters Query Area and User Group are preassigned when starting the InfoSet query, and only ad-hoc reporting can be executed.

This means that the user either arrives immediately with the assigned InfoSet at the initial screen for the InfoSet query, or that the user can choose between several assigned InfoSets. In this context, the InfoSet query is known in this type of call-up as an Ad Hoc Query.

Procedure: Starting from the SAP Query


You are assigned to a minimum of one user group, to which, in turn, a minimum of one InfoSet is assigned.


  1. Start the component SAP Query ® Queries.
  2. This brings you to the initial screen for the component Queries.

  3. Choose the standard or global query view under Environment ® Query.
  4. The description of the query area is explained under Query Area.

    If you require further information, see Reporting Type.

  5. To start an InfoSet query with a query, select a query.
  6. Click on the button InfoSet Query.

The InfoSet query is called up according to the following preconditions:


If you call up the InfoSet query with an already existing query, no lock is set for this query. This query is also available during the editing of other users.

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