Adding Reports to a Report Group 


You have reached step 5 of the procedure creating a report group or you want to include a further report in the report group. On the Create Report Group screen you have already chosen Goto ® Reports and are on the screen Create Report Group: Reports.


  1. Enter the name of the report you want to include in the report group in the Report field. You can, of course, enter several reports that you want to assign to the report group.

The order that you list the reports is the order in which the Report Writer processes them. In order to optimize processing time, the reports you include in a report group should have the same characteristics and use the same data.

  1. To save the report group, choose Report group ® Save.

You can use the following additional processing functions on the Create Report Group: Reports screen:



Insert new entries for reports

Edit ® New entries

Insert a new row between reports

Edit ® Insert row

Delete a report row from the report group

Edit ® Delete row

Enter header information for the report group

Goto ® Header

Enter text for the selection screens

Goto ® Texts

Define report group documentation. See defining report documentation

Goto ® Documentation

Display where a report defined for the report group is used

Extras ® Report usage...

Change the definition of a report assigned to the report group.

Extras ® Report definition

For utilities see Report Writer Utilities



You have added a report to a report group and can now continue with step 6 of the procedure for creating a report group.