AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) is a comprehensive solution for efficiently implementing and continuously optimizing SAP software. It has a detailed, business-oriented structure and allows you to design implementation projects flexibly.

Implementation Considerations

AcceleratedSAP is currently a PC-based solution and is shipped independently of the R/3 system, allowing you to prepare for your implementation project before you have installed the SAP System.

You can use ASAP to:


ASAP combines several tools that allow you to implement SAP software quickly and efficiently:

In the Implementation Assistant, you can access tools such as the Question & Answer database (Q&Adb) and numerous accelerators, which support all phases of your implementation project. The ASAP Roadmap provides a methodological framework for your implementation project and is a key part of the Implementation Assistant.

In addition, SAP offers support during your implementation project in the form of the SAP Review Program.