Procurement Type and Special Procurement Type 


When the system determines the procurement element, it first asks whether procurement should take place via in-house production or external procurement.


You define special procurement keys in Customizing for MRP in the IMG activity Define special procurement type.


Procurement Type

If both in-house production and external procurement are defined for the material via the material type (indicator X in Procurement type field), then you can set the procurement type as follows:

If you leave the indicator X for both procurement types in the material master record, and you have not maintained any quota arrangements, the system automatically switches to in-house production. The planned order therefore firstly creates planned orders, which you can then convert into production orders or purchase requisitions.

Special Procurement Type

The special procurement type is used to precisely define how in-house production and external procurement is to be carried out.

Special Procurement for In-House Production

Special Procurement for External Procurement

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