Quota Arrangements 


If a material can be obtained from various sources of supply, each individual source of supply can be allocated a quota arrangement. The quota arrangement is valid for a certain period of time and specifies exactly how the receipts are to be distributed amongst each source of supply.

You can set the quota arrangement for in-house production as well as for external procurement. Sources of supply can be:


The quota arrangement usage determines whether a material is included in a quota arrangement and which operations lead to a quota arrangement. You can define, for example, that only purchase orders are included in quota arrangements or that procurement proposals created by the system in the planning run are also included.

You define the quota arrangement usage in Customizing for Purchasing in the IMG activity Define quota arrangement usage.

You define the sequence of the sources of supply, the quotas per source of supply and numerous other parameters in the quota file.


During the planning run, the system determines the sources of supply according to the quota file and assigns the procurement proposals to the sources of supply.

In external procurement, the procurement proposal is allocated to the appropriate vendor. This vendor is copied to the purchase requisition.

For every procurement proposal with a quota arrangement, the system updates the quota file, so that the quota arrangement is always based on the current situation.

Two procedures are available:

Further functions are also available for controlling quota arrangements. For example, you can set a maximum release order quantity that defines the maximum delivery capacity of one particular vendor.