Working R/3 Transactions and Screens 


The following procedure summarizes the typical sequence of tasks you would perform when using the GUI Library to work with a certain application or transaction in R/3:

  1. Connect and Log onto R/3.
  2. Go to the desired R/3 transaction, by using one of the following methods:
  1. Get the data for the transaction screen from the R/3 application server, by using It_GetEvent.
  2. Let the user enter data into the transaction screen, or change the contents of the event structure programmatically, with the ItEv_* functions.
  3. Send the new contents of the event structure to the R/3 application server with the It_SendEvent function.

You repeat the operations of sending the screen data to the R/3 application server with It_SendEvent and then capturing its response with the It_GetEvent as necessary.

See the sample program SAMPLE.C for an example of using these functions.


When working with R/3 transaction screens you can programmatically perform any task an end user can perform with the R/3 transaction screen. You can: