Building and Running the Programs 

Building the GUI Library

Use Visual C++ 5.0 to build programs using the SAP Automation GUILib Library interface.

Include the guilib.h header file in your source file and link with guilib.lib. These files may be moved or copied to your project directories.

Preparing for Using the GUI Component and the Code Generator

Programs using the GUI Component or the Code Generator do not need to link to the GUI Library.

The SAP installation procedure for SAP Automation performs the necessary task of registering the GUI Component control and server with Windows.

However, if you are getting the SAP Automation GUI products outside of the normal releases of the product, you may have to register the GUI Component control and server yourself.

To register the GUI Component server issue the following command:

itole -RegServer

Similarly, the GUI Component control can be registered by running:

regsvr32 itole.ocx

To unregister the GUI Component control run the same command with the /u switch:

regsvr32 /u itole.ocx

Running SAP Automation GUI Programs Alongside SAPGUI

You can use SAP Automation GUI programs along with the standard SAPGUI on Windows platforms. You can use SAPGUI of R/3 releases 3.1H or higher.

A version of SAPGUI is automatically registered after you run SAPGUI (sapgui.exe) of that version once on your machine.

An alternative to having the SAPGUI registered is to have the SAPGUI executable in the same directory.