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Define Update for Results Analysis

In this step you specify for each line ID the results analysis cost element under which the results analysis data are updated. You make the following assignments:

Asisgn each line ID to a category

Assign at least one results analysis cost element to each combination of line ID and category

The apportioned values are upated on the order under the cost elements that you specify here.

The category groups the cost elements under which the various postings are updated on the results analysis object into the following categories:

When you define the update rules, you must take the following dependencies into account:

In this case you must enter the apportionment numbers here.

Transfer Prices

If you are using multiple valuation views , the entries for the referenced operational results analysis version are transferred to the referencing results analysis version of the multiple valuation views when you save.


Standard Settings

If you are using a results analysis version supplied in the standard system, you only need to enter results analysis cost elements for the data to be calculated.


1. Decide whether you want to define one update rule for all results analysis keys or a separate update rule for each results analysis key.
2. Enter the following:
3. Enter the following data for each line ID:

For the specified cost elements, you may have to do the following:

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