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Define Line IDs

Here you create line IDs . The line IDs serve the following purposes:

The work in process, reserves for unrealized costs, reserves for the costs of complaints and the cost of sales are calculated as a total for each order and apportioned to the line IDs. For each line ID you can then define whether the work in process for that line ID must be capitalized.

Results analysis updates the work in process, reserves for unrealized costs, reserves for the costs of complaints, and the cost of sales to the sales order by line ID.

Also note the following:

The line IDs for results analysis are normally grouped according to the same logic as the cost components in Product Cost Planning. For example, a line ID "raw materials" will have the same cost element interval assigned to it that is assigned to the cost component "raw materials".
It would also be possible to structure the line IDs according to the structure of the value fields in Profitabilty Analysis. In this case, you would create line IDs for the cost of goods manufactured (fixed and variable), sales and distribution costs, administration costs, and so on.


The following line IDs for WIP calculation are created:

The system calculates the results analysis data for the sales order item and distributes the calculated data to the line IDs in accordance with the cost element groups assigned to the line ID. This allows the system to calculate data such as the following:


You must already have processed the following steps:

Standard Settings

The standard system provides a number of line IDs.


Create line IDs according to your requirements.

Further Notes

For more information, see the documentation on Cost Object Controlling.