Overall Completion Confirmation 


You use the overall completion confirmation if, in addition to the work time required, you also regularly confirm other data, such as materials used, information about damage, the work and services performed (tasks, activities) or measurement and counter readings.

For the overall completion confirmation, each user has the option of setting the header data area and the 10 screen areas for confirmation data individually. Fields for frequently used functions can thereby be displayed in the upper screen area and those for less frequently used functions displayed below. Functions, which are rarely used, can also be included by using pushbuttons.

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Individual Setting of Overall Completion Confirmation


For the overall completion confirmation, the time confirmation, technical completion confirmation and the confirmation of goods movements and services are combined. Without switching screens, you can enter time data, causes, activities, tasks and measurement and counter readings for order operations. Similarly, you can enter goods movements for the operations displayed without changing screens.

For the installation and dismantling of technical objects, you branch into master data processing.

To process the notification for the order header, you branch into notification processing.


To use the overall completion confirmation, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:


Depending on the header data setting, the overall completion confirmation can address the following employee roles:

You can use the overall completion confirmation to confirm the following data:

The overall completion confirmation enables you to enter and save time completion confirmations for different operations and different people in one step, on one screen.

The following functions are available by choosing the Environment menu option:


Call up the overall completion confirmation. Depending on the application component in which you are working, choose one of the following menu paths: