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Create Results Analysis Keys

The results analysis key is a control parameter of results analysis . It determines if a results analysis can be performed on the following objects: Sales document item, WBS_element, and internal order.

To perform a results analysis, you enter the results analysis in the master record of the object.

You can specify which results analysis key the system is to propose in the following ways:

If the object is... store the key as a default value...
an internal order the model order
a sales order the requirement class
a project the project profile

Results analysis of a sales order item can also include the costs of the manufacturing order that are assigned to this item. The results analysis for a project can also include the costs of the networks, maintenance orders, internal orders, and so forth created for the project.

However, in extended control of results analysis, you can also define that work in process should be calculated seperately for the orders assigned to a sales order, a project or an internal order with revenue. This is of particular importance in cross-company production. You control this with the following indicators:

Calculate WIP for Manufacturing Orders in Sales-Order-Related Production

Calculate WIP for Manufacturing Orders in Engineer-to-Order

You use results analysis in conjunction with a nonvaluated sales order stock to determine the value of the inventories of unfinished and finished products at the end of the period. If you are using a nonvaluated sales order inventory and calculate the work in process on the basis of the orders assigned to the sales order item (normally the production order) for individual requirements materials, you will not receive complete costs and will therefore have no complete basis for valuation with multilevel BOMs.

Standard Settings

The standard system contains predefined results analysis keys.

SAP Recommendation

You should use the standard results analysis keys.


1. Check whether the predefined results analysis keys meet your requirements.
2. If you do not want to use the predefined results analysis keys, create a new results analysis key as follows:
a) Enter a name for the new results analysis key.
b) Enter the results analysis key as a default value with the appropriate configuration menu.

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